Saturday, September 13, 2008

Orthochirus's of INDIA

Orthochirus Karsch, 1892 consists of small-sized buthids whose size does not exceed 60 mm (Kovařík, 2004), but however Indian forms do not exceed 40 mm. The carapace in lateral view is distinctly inclined downwards from the median eyes towards the anterior margin. Species in this genus exhibit beta-configuration in arrangement of trichobothries on dorsal surface of femur of pedipalp. Tibial spurs are present on the third and fourth legs. The I and II metasomal segments without carinae. IV and V metasomal segments ventrally punctuate. Telson elongated, aculeus as long as or longer than vesicle (Tikader and Bastawade, 1983; Kovařík, 2004).

Currently 29 species have been included in the genus Orthochirus globally (Kovařík, 2004; Rein, 2008), out of which 5 have been reported from India. Of this the status of O. scrobiculosis (Grube, 1873) is considered doubtful (Kovařík, 2004). Apart from this, based on the presence of d2 on the dorsal surface of O. krishnai, Kovařík (2004) considered this species as a nomen dubium.


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After analyzing specimens of Orthochirus iranus, biologists conclude that the presence of d2 on the femur pedipalp is not a generic and perhaps not even a specific character. Since the presence of d2 on the femur of the pedipalp is the only character separating Orthochirus Karsch from Paraorthochirus Lourenco & Vachon, the authors conclude that these two genera are synonyms. This means that the species from Paraorthochirus now belongs to Orthochirus.


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